PocketCloud : Search Your Android, PC & Mac At Once

Wyse Technology has launched a new app for Android users called Wyse PocketCloud Explore which will allow you to search for files you have stored on any phone, tablet, PC or Mac. The app works in conjunction with a software client installed on your computer, so you can perform universal file searches, view the files, rename them, move them into folders, share them or download them to your device. you can do all this on up to two remote computers.

PocketCloud Explore allows the users to sync their data without availing the cloud storage service. With this app, users don't have to wait to reach a specific place to view and open their remote files. They can even upload photos to their home desktop computer without using cables. They can also use other file management options like create, rename, and delete folders and documents.

PocketCloud is somewhat of an attack on cloud storage products like Dropbox or Box.net, which provide you with a set amount of free online storage, but then charge you when you need more. Instead, this app appeals more to the host-it-yourself crowd, since there’s only the one-time fee of $4.99 and no monthly service charges.

1) Distributed search
2)No geek required
3)No more storage anxieties
4)Unlimited video, photo, and audio transfers
5)Fort Knox security
6) You're in control
~Android 2.1 or later.
~Windows or Mac Companion installed on your remote computers.


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