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January 9, 2007 an apple again changed the world. Yes folks, I am talking about ‘i Phone‘, a magic device that bragged the touch interfaces we all take for granted today. And still now it is enchanting the world with its eye catching look and feel, solid apps base and a tightly coupled compatibility with its underlying hardware.The Latest OS Version is iOS 5. 
some salient features:
Look and Feel : iOS 5 comes with a revolutionary look and feel experience. The design is very much fluid and smart, the touch experience is effortless and totally interactive. 
Notifications : If you swipe down the status bar from top down it slides down the new notification area where you will find all your notifications including ‘Text Messages’,‘Weather’, ‘App Notification’, 'Stocks’ etc. In other word all your essential notifications are organized such a way that does not interrupt your work and not at all annoying anymore. 
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  Home Screen : The Home screen displays the apps stored on the device. When it holds more than 20 apps, a new home screen is created which you can see by looking at the dots near the bottom of the screen. Pressing the Home button in the bezel exits an app and takes you to the last home screen you were viewing. If you are on a ‘home’ screen then it takes you to ‘first screen’ and if you are there then it will display the Spotlight search page.
Gestures : The device supports multi touch gesturing i.e you Tap, Drag, Flick, Swipe, Pinch, Rotate, Shake, Touch and hold on the screen to interact with the software.

Messaging : The messaging, called iMessage, is quite similar to blackberry messenger, lets you to talk to any iOS devices for free. It also has group i-messaging.

Apps : iOS 5 is enriched with some very good out of the box apps and there are a huge number of third party apps in Apple’s app store including the largest collection of games. You will find literally everything -- from jokes to music, from social networking to business apps.
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Newsstand : You can read all your news and magazines from Newsstand. You can customize it with your subscriptions and it will automatically start downloading all your subscriptions. One remarkable thing is that you can not hide the Newsstand whether you like it or not. :-(
iphone game center
Game Center : I bet you will definitely be addicted to the gaming experience provided by iOS devices. You can search for friends, add or invite friends to Game center by making or accepting a request, track your scores and show it off to your friends. Even if you go for reset in i phone, you will be able to continue from the last point where you had left. hmm... sounds good ya!!! 
Other Features : Other features such as iBooks let you read e-books having PUB or PDF formats. So you make your library easily. Another interesting feature is iCloud which stores all your contacts, apps, calenders, mails, documents etc. You can even store the downloads of iTunes store and the photos which you have taken.

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