Ziggy, an Apple Siri Rival On Windows Phone 7

Microsoft is trying to gain in smart phone market and not just trying but trying hard.Measuring the market potential microsoft is not letting any stone untruned to get a base for its windows phone.In a recent movement it is going to introduce Ziggy so called Siri rival.It is only the time factor, which will clear all doubts on it and its lasting scope comapred to siri. 

Windows Phone developer is impressed by Apple Siri and has updated his Ziggy App for Windows Phone. The Ziggi is your Siri on Windows Phone 7. Latest update to the app brings interesting voice recognition abilities to Windows Phone 7.

What’s the best thing about Ziggy? It’s completely free and totally ad-free! The app turns human voice into transcribed text which is then analyzed to identify general questions and instructions. Generic instructions like send email, update social networking status, send text, navigate to a place are quickly translated to relevant actions. However, generic questions are interpreted using a more complicated technology and relevant searches are performed through Microsoft’s own Bing search engine. Several attempts might be required to get the most precise answer. Check out the video demonstration below which we think is quite impressive!

In our opinion, Siri was one of the most hyped technologies of 2011. There’s no doubt that Siri indeed is an impressive piece of software and may just redefine the way we interact with electronic devices of the future. Bing’s own Voice Search is good, but still ages behind Siri and we think Ziggy is quite a lot of work for just one developer. We learn that the actual voice recognition is based on Nuance but what we like is that Ziggy just works. You may now watch following video and then head over to Windows Phone Market to download the free app.


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