Tips To Select "But is Up To You" : iPhone or an Android phone?

"Reasons I Avoided Android & Upgraded To Relatively Boring iPhone 4S"

When anything related to phone comes in the mind,out of that first thing, where we usually stuck is "phone or smartphone?",and just in few seconds you come to realise 'oh', 'no' its smartphone time.Now look whats there in smartphone sphere? So just open any source,any media you trust upon, you will find a lot of buzz about the smartphones.various devices, various features,pres & cons,something good & something bad, what to choose and how to choose, really a great puzzle.But anyhow you have to own a smatphone.

What you need really is some sort of sound and very practical recommendations to have it,because next time you even wants a recommendation from your smartphone even just for everthing like which place to travel,which flight to catch,which company to work,hospitals,medicines,location & maps,Facebook,twitter..and for many more.So a brand new smartphone is "MUST" in this holiday time.(Christmas & New Year).

There are small to gient players in the market,with equally gient products,promising to have a lot of smart & usefull features and apps.Thats make you even confusing isn't it?So here goes some usefull tips that may be help full for you in choosing the best one out of the 2 top most promising smartphone (iPhone Vs Android), in the today's market.Based on some of our practical user experience and and personal hands on, we have sort listed a few things that worth to look for while you visit a smartphone outlet.

This recommondation is not based on the price,because you can get cheap to cheap and costly to costly smartphone in the market,if you are not budget coutious.Just you have to keep in mind that it is the features that you are looking for and based on that only you are buying a particular one.So just pendown the features/reqiurements that you are expecting from your smartphone and choose the best and close match one.

Keep in mind that it is not a Contest.!
This opinion is to guide you, but what to choose is completely up to you.

Smooth Flow
This is related to the environments, which you know well and can run smoothly, if not bored with one particular,either iPhone OS or Android.Go with the very well acclimitized one, and if bored with one then can switch new one if time and mony permits.

Sound & Voice Recognition
Both Apple and Android have voice recognition. Siri is the PR darling, but I’ve found it’s relatively useless as a context-sensitive personal assistant. As a voice dictation tool, it works nicely, but so does the same basic functionality on Android.

This may change. If Siri integrates nicely with Apple’s billion apps, Siri might be a win.

If you have adapters and accessories for a particular platform already, that might be the one you’ll go for.One other note about accessories: there are a metric ton of them and they all fit the iPhone. There are so many variations of Android phones that, while there are a lot of accessories, there are less per phone by far than for the iPhone. So if you want some weird accessory for your phone, the odds are it exists for the iPhone. For Android, the odds are far less.

4G/LTE: Android wins
Let’s start with the big reason you would have bought an Android phone, but didn’t: 4G/LTE. Android phones support very high speed mobile broadband. iPhones don’t. I want high-speed mobile broadband, but since it’s not available where I want it, that factor was no longer part of my equation. But if you want high-speed 4G or LTE, your only choice is Android.

Battery Battle: slight lead for Android
Next, you need to decide how important a removable battery is. If it’s essential, then your only choice is certain Android phones. You can add an add-on battery bulge to your iPhone, but it’s a big add-on lump, not a replaceable battery. If you’re okay with that, you could consider the iPhone.

Typing Pad(keyboard): slight lead for Android
Its good to have a physical keyboards,but I don’t like them enough to buy a phone just for the keyboard, but I prefer them.Most smartphones only have soft keyboards, but a few Android phones still have physical keyboards. So if that’s a must-do requirement, go for Android.

It was our experince,rest completely depends on you, what to choose.We will love to hear your experince from your end out of the newly bought smartphone.You are always welcome.!


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