5 Most Innovative Technological Advancements:In Queue

In the row of making innovative and smart technological advancements for the planet,IBM 5 in 5: forcasts 5 most innovative technical implementation in the next 5 year.In the official Blog post,which is being considered as a game changer of the complete technological landscape in the future and will help in transforming the life and making the planet even smarter.

Here goes the 5 most innovative and game changing prediction..

1. People power will come to life
Your gadget no longer need an electric power,it is you who can power it.Yes it is the your movements and activities that can power your gadgets as per the most innovative move,forcasted by the IBM. IBM's distinguished engineer Harry Kolar wrote in a blog post. "In the next five years, advances in renewable energy technology could make it possible for us to draw on power generated by everything from our running shoes to the ocean's waves."
How about charging your cell phone by inserting a small device with an antenna into the sole of your shoe? Or adding a device to the spokes of your bicycle to collect energy that's transmitted to your kitchen appliances?

So be active and power your own gadgets.Surely you have not to deposit any electric bill this time.
2. You will never need a password again
How many passwords can you remember?How many times you have clicked the "forget password" during access of your account,either of email,facebook,twitter or netbanking? Now access to your these accounts will be easily available via eye scan or via voice.In coming years your "biological markup" will serve as a password.

3. Mind reading is no longer science fiction
Very soon you need not to type or run a command to purform your desired task,just think about your task and it will be executed as immediately as you thought.Think about calling someone or ordering a pizza and it will just happen.But like IBM's "Just Think" logo, the company predicted the ability to link your device to your thoughts, which could either be very cool or very scary.

4. The digital divide will cease to exist
IBM predicted that there will be no digital divide thanks to accessible mobile technology. By that point, 80 percent of the population will have a mobile device. In third-world countries, that means residents can use their phone to look at weather reports for farming purposes or contact nearby doctors, among other things.

5. Junk mail will become priority mail
At this point, unsolicited ads have a zero to 5 percent click-through rate, IBM said, but in the future, targeted ads will turn junk mail into "priority mail". Systems will be able to filter and find the data that's important to you—like cricket match tickets for your favorite team or a snowy weather prediction for a time you have a scheduled flight.

Some previous years prediction that has come true so far are:

1.Ability to access healthcare remotely from just about anywhere in the world
2.The size of a few atoms will address areas of environmental importance
Use of Nanotechnology in the field of agriculture,biotechnology and sesor network to understand and interact with the natural environment.
3.Crystal clear Genetic structure
With the genetic research and high-performance computing it is now possible to affordably decode an individual’s entire genome.
4.Talk to the Web…and the Web will talk back to you.
Speech recognition


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