Lumia 800:Easier Faster Funner

Nokia Lumia 800
Nokia Lumia 800 provides you everything you need from a smartphone, all in a stunning design with a high-resolution screen that produces vivid colours.
An exclusive and live user experience of Lumia 800 from an Expo for you if you have a plan to have it in year 2012 or before.

Life at Lumia: IT All Starts With Tiles
sushil with nokia Lumia 800Whatever you love most,Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows Phone puts it on your start screen.The live tiles show you what's happening and whats on next.Friends' status update,photos,texts,emails and other big news, all just a tap away. 

What This Baby Can Do..? 
Right out of the box,you have Facebook,Twitter and LinkdIn, Internet Explorer 9 Mobile,free navigation,Microsoft OfficeMobile, XboxLive and 8MP camera.And that's only start.
Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
Your social networks are now at the same party.See everyone's status,updates,uploads and tweets, all in one stream and in real time.

Spot,Tag and Share It
Even in your locked phone camera is ready in one touch. Tag your friends with auto face detect and can upload to your favourit social network instantly with your 8MP camera.

Features: Nokia Lumia 800 Works as hard as You
Lumia FeaturesSocial
  • Facebook integration with device phone book.
  • face detection for picture tags before sharing.
    Lumia soscail connect
  • Bluetooth,Wireless technology.
  • 3.5mm audio connector.
  • 8MP with Carl Zeiss optics and LED flash.
  • 3.7" Clear Black  AMOLED display with Gorilla glass.
  • Internet Explorer 9 mobile.
  • Hardware graphics acceleration.
  • HTML 5.
  • 16GB eMMC.
Operating System
  • Windows Phone Release 7.5-mango.
  • 142g.
  • Max 116.5x61.2x12.1 mm.
Operating Times
  • Talk time WCDMA up to 5 hours and GSM up to 8 hours.
  • Stand Time Up to 380 hours (WCDMA).
  • Browsing up to 6,5/5,0 hours.
  • Music playback to 59 hours(offline mode,wired headset).
nokia luma tiles


  1. Pratyay said...:

    Doesn't give you Skype integration as of NOW... :P

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Original article. Good to see. Cover the basics of WP7.5 Mango more. Stupid Droid users need to know what is a classy OS ;)

  1. @Pratyay ...ya you are rite
    There is no Skype support for Windows Phone 7 at the moment (Microsoft has acquired Skype for $8.5), but you can expect that Skype and Microsoft will be coming on it very soon. if you need Skype today, it is simply not there and I have not seen a decent equivalent even.
    Software updates will be available for Nokia Lumia 800 with “charging improvements” more to come early 2012.
    a further update is planned for early 2012 to deliver more improvements to the software.

  1. @Anonymous
    Thank you for being here.we have covered the WP 7.5 at and will be covering some more interesting point on the same in future.stay connected to be updated.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    What the does 'funner' mean? Is that even a word?

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