Cool 3.5 Channel Gyro Helicopter with iPhone, iPad, ipod

The helicopter model construction uses a new type of high quality. The use of new technologies and sophisticated aviation technology combined with the advanced aerodynamic design, superior stability, a smooth flight, sense of direction, strong, lightweight and flexible. It includes 3.7V, 85mAh. Best choice for you. You and your kids will love it.

        1. 3.5-Channel mini helicopter   
        2. Flexibility in Multiple-OS(iOS, Android, Windows Mobile,etc,.)
        3. Support legacy IR System
        4. High Compatibility
        5. Just fit into your iPhone/iPod/iPad/iTouch
        6. Low power consumption
        7. Compact Size
        8. Built in Gyroscopes and battery safe-guard 

  •   I-helicopter operation steps:
         1. Found ”APP STORE” on the desktop in the Iphone//iPod/iPad/iTouch 
         2. Click it and enter and search “i-helicopter
         3. Download and install the software
         4. Enter controller interface
         5. Charge the transmitter
         6. Insert the transmitter to iphone’s earplug
         7. Turned the volume up full blast
         8. Start the game of i-helicopter! Free charge

  •   Specification:
        1. Helicopter size: 220 x 95 x 40mm 
        2. Battery: 3.7V 180mah battery (Included) 
        3. Charging time: 30-45 minutes 
        4. Flight time: 8-10 minutes 
        5. USB Cable charged 
        6. Flying height: <=10m 
        7. Flying range: 5-8m 
        8. 360 degree exact orientations
  •  Item including:
        1. 1pc of helicopter
        2. 1pc of USB
        3. 1pc of transmitter


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