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Skype for various Microsoft product has been a long wait and is still continue even after the Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype.This acquisition of Skype promised to be an integration — especially for Windows Phones owners — but so far it’s been all talk.
A Skype for Windows Phone application, however, will soon make its debut, as per the Skype vice president of products Rick Osterloh.“We’re working on a Windows Phone product          that will be coming out soon,” he said.

When Microsoft purchased the video-conferencing company for $8.5 billion in June 2011 (the deal closed in October), it talked up an unrivaled Windows Phone Skype offering that would include deep integration between the voice over IP service and its mobile operating system. But the merger still has Windows Phone owners waiting for platform integration, let alone a basic application on par with what’s already offered on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

That wait is likely to continue. The first Windows Phone product, could be released as soon as the Mobile World Congress in February, but it won’t be the much-ballyhooed operating system-wide offering originally touted by the companies. Windows Phone owners may have to wait for this rich Skype integration until the Apollo software release, which, won’t happen until the fourth quarter of 2012.

The initial release of Skype will not feature deep Windows Phone integration,and that Microsoft is planning this for “Apollo” and beyond.Microsoft’s first Windows Phone Skype application will largely be seen as an interim release until Windows Phone ‘Apollo’ is made available.

But Microsoft and Skype would like you to know that integrations are coming — eventually. “We’re working with a lot of different Microsoft product groups to create direct integrations,” Osterloh said. “Right now, we’re working on Windows Phone, we’ll be working on Windows 8, Xbox, Lync. So a whole range of different Microsoft users will get access to Skype and have a great experience.” Skype, Osterloh said, now has more than 200 million monthly users.So wait is expected to end in near future, hopefully in this year 2012 itself.


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